TD42 / TD42TI EGR Blanking plates

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Introducing the Adventure Corp TD42 / TD42TI EGR Blanking Plates, designed specifically for deleting the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system when swapping these engines into vehicles that no longer require EGR compliance.

Our EGR blanking plates for the TD42 and TD42TI engines are meticulously designed using CAD software and precision-cut with a CNC laser to ensure a perfect fit every time. Made from 5mm mild steel sourced from Australia, these plates offer durability and reliability. To keep costs down for you, the plates are supplied in a raw, unfinished state.

This TD42 / TD42TI EGR Blanking Plate kit includes two plates. The first plate is designed to fit the intake elbow with two bolts, effectively blocking the EGR flow. The second plate is designed to fit the pipe that wraps around the back of the engine to the intake side. It bolts to the existing support bracket that was originally used to support the EGR cooler.

Please note that this kit does not include bolts. You can use appropriate bolts of the correct size and thread pitch for installation.

By installing the Adventure Corp TD42 / TD42TI EGR Blanking Plates, you can eliminate the EGR system in your engine and optimize its performance for non-EGR compliant applications. Enjoy the benefits of increased reliability and reduced carbon buildup in your engine.

Upgrade your TD42 or TD42TI engine with our high-quality EGR blanking plates, and experience the difference.