Nissan Patrol GQ SWB Rear Chassis Strengthening Plates

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Introducing Adventure Corp's GQ SWB Rear Chassis Strengthening Plates for Nissan Patrol. These plates are designed to prevent chassis bending and provide a perfect fit for your GQ SWB vehicle. By installing these plates proactively, you can protect your chassis from potential damage.

Key Features of the GQ SWB Rear Chassis Strengthening Plates:
- Made from 4mm 350mpa Australian milled mild steel, ensuring exceptional strength and durability.
- Supplied unpainted, allowing for direct welding onto the vehicle chassis.
- Each plate is precision laser cut with a 0.05mm accuracy, thanks to our 3D scanning and CAD software design process, guaranteeing a high-quality product and perfect fitment.
- The recommended fitting procedure involves marking the placement of the plates, preparing the welding area, applying weld-through primer, securely clamping the plates, and strategically welding around the perimeter.
- After welding, it is advised to use a quality body sealer to seal between the welds, preventing water, dust, and dirt from entering the space between the Adventure Corp chassis plate and the existing chassis.
- Lightly sand the plates to remove any primer bubbling caused by the welding process, and then apply another coat of primer for a finished appearance.
- You can paint the plates with a high-quality paint of your choice and apply a rust preventative, such as fish oil, to the inside of the chassis to guard against future rust.

Please note that the fitting procedure provided is a general guide, and it is essential to consult with vehicle engineering experts before undertaking the installation process. By following these recommendations and seeking professional advice, you can ensure the proper installation and reinforce the chassis of your GQ SWB Nissan Patrol for enhanced strength and longevity.