GU Patrol Rear 1/4 Chop Weld-In Plates

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Crafted from robust laser cut 2mm mild steel, the GU Patrol Rear 1/4 Chop Weld-In Plates are engineered to withstand the rigors of off-road adventures. Designed to be welded onto the rear quarter panels of your Nissan Patrol GU, these plates offer a substantial increase in departure clearance, adding over 4 inches to your vehicle's capabilities.

However, it's important to note that installing these plates requires fabrication experience and skill. These plates are the approximate size required with a little extra around the edges to make fitment easier. we recommend having a 5mm overhang all the way around and once welded grind it back to the finish you desire. remember, these can't be seen once a rear bar is fitted, so no need to go crazy with the finish.

With their sturdy construction and enhanced clearance benefits, these weld-in plates are ideal for off-road enthusiasts looking to push the limits of their vehicle's capabilities. From conquering challenging terrain to navigating rugged trails, the GU Patrol Rear 1/4 Chop Weld-In Plates are a must-have upgrade for any serious off-road enthusiast seeking to elevate their Nissan Patrol GU's performance and versatility.