Weld-on Front Pumpkin Rock Guard GU/GQ

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The Weld On Front Pumpkin Rock Guard is specifically designed to protect the front housing of the GQ and GU Nissan Patrol's differential from rocks and other potential hazards. It is constructed from laser-cut 5mm mild steel, ensuring durability and reliable performance.

There are two options available for the rock guard:

1. Unwelded: The unwelded option comes as nine marked parts that align and weld together. This option allows for customization and flexibility during the installation process. Once the parts are aligned and welded, the rock guard will be ready for use.

2. Welded: The welded option comes as a single, fully welded part. While it is pre-assembled, it is supplied unpainted. This option provides convenience, as the rock guard is ready to be installed once it is received. However, it will require painting to provide additional protection against corrosion.

Both options are designed to fit GQ and GU Patrol front differential housings and provide effective shielding against potential damage caused by rocks or other objects. Whether you choose the unwelded or welded version, the Weld On Front Pumpkin Rock Guard offers an extra layer of protection for your vehicle's front housing.