Small Universal Awning Bracket - 40-80mm Mount Spacing

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Introducing our Universal Awning Bracket, a versatile and reliable solution for 4x4 enthusiasts looking to mount smaller awnings or tents on their vehicles. This bracket is designed to accommodate awning mount spacings between 40mm and 80mm, making it an ideal fit for regular 4x4 awnings. For those with larger awnings, such as 180-degree or 270-degree models, we also offer specialized brackets to suit your specific setup.

Crafted from durable 5mm mild steel, this bracket provides a solid 4-hole mounting area that effortlessly attaches to mesh racks or drilled platform racks, ensuring a secure hold for your awning or tent. The absence of bolts allows for customizable mounting solutions, giving you the freedom to choose the best setup for your vehicle.

The package includes 2 awning mounts and 2 sandwich plates, offering a comprehensive solution for securely attaching your awning setup. The bracket's raw mild steel finish provides a sleek and utilitarian look, but it does require painting or coating to prevent rust, ensuring its longevity. Designed with durability and adaptability in mind, our Universal Awning Bracket is a must-have addition to your 4x4 accessories, offering a reliable way to secure your awning, regardless of the size or style.