Nissan Patrol Y62 S5+ Behind Bumper Winch Cradle

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Introducing the Nissan Patrol Y62 S5+ Behind Bumper Winch Cradle - a robust and reliable solution designed to enhance your off-road adventures. Crafted with durable 5mm Mild Steel construction, this winch cradle ensures maximum strength and longevity. Its sleek Powder Coated black finish ensures a rust-free surface for years to come. With 12 strong mounting points, you can securely install your winch and tackle challenging terrains with confidence.

What sets this winch cradle apart is its ability to hide the winch behind the factory patrol bumper, seamlessly integrating it into your vehicle's design. With a quick 45-minute installation process (excluding winch wiring), you'll be ready for action in no time. This versatile cradle is compatible with winches up to 12000lb, offering a wide range of options to suit your specific needs.

Please note that the installation of this winch cradle requires cutting the bumper support, which is typically discarded when bullbars are fitted. Additionally, depending on the winch used, you may need to trim the middle divider panel located just under the grill to access the free-spool knob.

Upgrade your Nissan Patrol Y62 with the ultimate winch solution, combining strength, functionality, and a sleek appearance. Conquer the toughest terrains confidently and enjoy a seamless integration that complements your vehicle's factory design.