Nissan GQ Patrol Rear Quarter 1/4 Chop Weld In Plates

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Enhance the off-road capabilities of your Nissan GQ Patrol with Adventure Corp's Rear 1/4 Chop Weld In Plates. These plates, available for both the left and right sides, are made from durable 1.6mm Aussie milled mild steel, ensuring strength and durability.

The plates are designed slightly oversize to accommodate any distortion in the 1/4 panels caused by intense wheeling. By installing these plates, you can improve your vehicle's rear departure angles, allowing for better maneuverability on challenging terrains.

One standout feature of Adventure Corp's Rear 1/4 Chop Weld In Plates is the inclusion of a wiring grommet hole. This feature sets them apart from many others on the market and makes the installation process more convenient.

Rest assured that these plates are proudly Australian made, utilizing high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Additionally, as an Australian stock, they are readily available for prompt shipping. When you choose Adventure Corp, you can expect your order to be shipped the next day, ensuring minimal delays in getting your vehicle ready for the adventures ahead.

Upgrade your Nissan GQ Patrol with Adventure Corp's Rear 1/4 Chop Weld In Plates, designed to withstand rugged off-road conditions and improve your vehicle's performance.