Nissan GU Patrol - Bolt-In Front Mount Intercooler Brackets

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Upgrade your GU Patrol's intercooler setup with Adventure Corp's top and bottom intercooler brackets. These robust brackets are constructed from durable 5mm mild steel, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Designed to accommodate most 600x300 intercoolers, these brackets offer a secure and precise fit. To install the brackets, vertical support cutting up to the bonnet catch is required. The cooler brackets are then bolted to the factory holes on the bonnet catch and the location where the support used to be attached to the lower radiator support panel.

Please note that this kit requires the removal of the AC fan and looping of the power steering cooler hoses (if fitted). In most setups, the AC fan is not functional and its removal won't impact cooling performance. It's important to ensure proper cooling functionality after making these modifications. As well as cutting the bonnet latch support from under the bonnet latch and unbolting it from the bottom. This is an important step or the brackets wont fit very well. The upper bracket bolts to the bonnet latch and faces in so the cooler sits close to the AC condenser, the lower bracket is self explanatory once the top bracket is fitted and the cooler hands from it.

Adventure Corp's intercooler brackets come unpainted, allowing you to customize them with the colour of your choice. The space between the intercooler mounting points is 500mm, which aligns with the typical 500mm bolt spacing used by most 600x300mm intercoolers.

Upgrade your GU Patrol's intercooler system with Adventure Corp's top and bottom intercooler brackets, built to withstand the test of time and enhance the performance of your vehicle.