GU Series 1-3 DIY Flat Pack Low Mount Winch Bar

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Introducing the GU Series 1/3 Low Mount Winch Bar, a DIY flat pack kit that empowers you to build your own winch bar from the convenience of your home or workplace. We deliver the kit to your door, and you take care of the welding and assembly yourself!

Key Features:
- Crafted from sturdy 5mm mild steel, providing exceptional durability and reliability for your off-road adventures.
- Laser cut semi-interlocking design ensures precise fitment and simplifies the assembly process.
- Designed with slots for 9" spotlights, allowing you to enhance visibility in challenging off-road conditions.
- Includes a dedicated slot for the winch control box, keeping it securely in place.
- Equipped with rock light holes that accommodate Stedi LEDMINI-OSRM-10WFLUSH lights, adding an extra touch of illumination.
- Compatible with most low mount winches, ensuring a proper fit for your specific setup.

Customize and personalize your winch bar by modifying the design and adding your preferred hoops. This allows you to create a winch bar that reflects your unique style and preferences.

Please note:
- The GU Series 1/3 Low Mount Winch Bar is supplied as a flat pack and requires welding and assembly. Comprehensive assembly instructions can be downloaded from our website for your convenience.
- To ensure a smooth delivery process, this item must be shipped to a business address.

Disclaimer: As we do not assemble these bars ourselves, we sell these kits with the understanding that they will be used exclusively in off-road environments. By purchasing this product, you agree to these terms and acknowledge that it is intended for off-road use only.

Take control of your off-road adventures with the GU Series 1/3 Low Mount Winch Bar DIY flat pack kit from Adventure Corp. Build it, customize it, and hit the trails with confidence.

Click here to download assembly instructions