GQ Patrol Low Mount DIY Bullbar

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GQ Patrol Low Mount DIY Bullbar!
Introducing the GQ Patrol Low Mount DIY Bullbar, a robust and customizable solution for off-road enthusiasts. Crafted from 5mm mild steel, these flat packs are designed with the home enthusiast in mind, offering the perfect balance of convenience and personalization.

Similar to adult Lego, our flat pack provides you with laser-cut 5mm steel components that are precisely sized and ready for assembly. With clear instructions included, you can easily put it together at home or in your workshop.

The GQ Patrol Low Mount DIY Flat Pack Winch Bar boasts a range of features that enhance both functionality and style. The 5mm construction ensures durability and strength to withstand rugged off-road conditions. It includes 2x Stedi rock light holes (compatible with Stedi PN: LEDMINI-OSRM-10WFLUSH) and 2x forward facing holes for 2" square Fog lights, providing versatile lighting options to illuminate your adventures.

Designed with practicality in mind, this winch bar offers slots for 2x 9" driving lights, allowing you to enhance visibility in challenging terrains. It also features a dedicated slot for the winch control box, ensuring easy access and organization. The bar is compatible with most 9500lb winches, providing reliable pulling power when you need it most.

The GQ Patrol Low Mount DIY Flat Pack Winch Bar caters to your communication needs as well, with a 16mm hole designed to accommodate UHF aerials.

But the customization doesn't stop there. This winch bar provides ample room for personalization, allowing you to add a center hoop and side wing hoops as per your preference. You have the freedom to make it truly your own, whether that means adding extra lights, modifying the design, or incorporating additional accessories.

Embrace the creativity and flexibility that the GQ Patrol Low Mount DIY Flat Pack Winch Bar offers. With its easy assembly and endless customization possibilities, you can create a winch bar that suits your unique style and off-road requirements. Unleash your imagination and embark on your next adventure with confidence and individuality.

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Disclaimer: As we aren't assembling these bars, we sell these kits with the knowledge you will be using them in an offload environment only, purchasing this product means you agree to these terms