Nissan Patrol LWB Long Arm Brackets

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Nissan Patrol LWB Long Arm Brackets!Introducing the Adventure Corp Nissan Patrol LWB GQ/GU Long Arm Bracket Set (Left and Right) – a testament to exceptional engineering precision crafted from robust 5mm mild steel. This innovative flat pack design, enriched with precision alignment tabs, ensures effortless and accurate assembly, setting a new standard in superior off-road performance enhancement.

Engineered for versatility, our superior Long Arm Bracket Set can be seamlessly mounted anywhere along the rail, accommodating custom lengths or off-the-shelf long arm setups with ease. This engineering marvel empowers you to fine-tune your vehicle's suspension to perfection, unleashing its full potential on any terrain.

Elevate your off-road experience with the Adventure Corp Long Arm Bracket Set, where top-tier design meets rugged durability.

Please note that installation requires welding, grinding, and possibly repositioning of the rear leg of sliders to achieve optimal performance and control. Upgrade your Nissan Patrol today!