GQ/GQ Rear Diff - Center Brace

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Introducing the GQ/GQ Rear Diff - Center Brace specifically designed for coil diffs (H223). This robust brace is engineered to enhance the strength and stability of the area between the upper trailing arms on your vehicle's rear differential.

Crafted from 5mm mild steel, each component of this design features precise slot and tab connections, ensuring a seamless and straightforward installation process. While fitting the brace, minor trimming of small brackets or tabs may be required to achieve a perfect fit.

As this item is intended for welding onto your vehicle, we strongly recommend using a high-quality weld through primer on all surfaces before welding. This precaution helps to preserve the integrity and longevity of the brace.

Please note that the GQ/GU Rear Diff - Center Brace Truss is designed for off-road use only. By adding this reinforcement to your vehicle's rear differential, you'll experience enhanced durability and performance during your adventurous off-road endeavors.