90 Degree Side Mount Wozza Trailer Camera Mounting Bracket

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Introducing the Wozza Bracket: Your Dependable Solution for Side-Mounted Trailer Camera Pug Installation. Crafted from robust 2mm stainless steel, the Wozza Bracket offers exceptional durability and reliability for your trailer's reverse camera system. Engineered with precision, this 90-degree side-mount bracket is designed to simplify the installation process while ensuring a secure platform for your camera plug.

Featuring two strategically placed holes, the Wozza Bracket facilitates effortless mounting of the camera plug, ensuring a stable and dependable connection at all times. Additionally, equipped with two 6mm mounting holes, the bracket enables straightforward attachment to trailers or vehicles without sacrificing stability or resilience.

The innovative 90-degree side-mount design of the Wozza Bracket offers versatility in installation, allowing for seamless integration into various trailer configurations. Whether you opt for a surface-mounted or recessed setup, this bracket adapts effortlessly to your preferences, ensuring optimal positioning for your reverse camera system.

Built to withstand the challenges of the road, the Wozza Bracket is engineered for longevity, providing reassurance for all your towing endeavors. Bid farewell to concerns about loose connections or unreliable camera mounts – with the Wozza Bracket, you can have confidence that your reverse camera is securely installed and ready to deliver reliable performance whenever you need it.

Experience the convenience and peace of mind offered by the Wozza Bracket – the ultimate solution for hassle-free side-mounted trailer camera installation.