80 Series Rear Reverse Light Bracket - BOTH sides

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80 Series Rear Reverse Light Bracket - BOTH sides
Enhance your 80 Series LandCruiser with the Adventure Corp BOTH Sides - Reverse Light Bracket. Engineered to provide optimal functionality and durability, these brackets are the perfect solution for mounting reverse lights on your vehicle.

Key Features of the Adventure Corp Reverse Light Bracket:
- Tailgate stop mounting: Designed to securely mount on tailgate stops, these brackets ensure a stable and reliable installation without interfering with the operation of your tailgate.
- Seamless operation: The brackets are carefully engineered to maintain full tailgate functionality, even with the lights mounted, allowing you to access your cargo area with ease.
- Durable construction: Crafted from high-quality 3mm stainless steel, these brackets are built to withstand the harshest off-road conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to corrosion.
- Vehicle compatibility: Specifically designed for the 1990-1998 80 Series LandCruiser, these brackets provide a precise fit, seamlessly integrating with the vehicle's rear structure.
- Complete package: The price includes two (2) brackets, allowing you to install reverse lights on both the driver and passenger sides of your LandCruiser.
- Lights not included: Please note that the brackets do not come with lights, giving you the freedom to select the reverse lights that best suit your preferences and requirements.
- Compatibility considerations: These brackets are not suitable for barn door models, so please ensure compatibility with your specific LandCruiser model.

Elevate your visibility and safety when reversing with the Adventure Corp BOTH Sides - Reverse Light Bracket. Install powerful reverse lights on your 80 Series LandCruiser to illuminate the area behind your vehicle and enhance your overall driving experience.

Please note that the Adventure Corp Reverse Light Bracket is designed for installation by capable enthusiasts or professionals. Take advantage of this opportunity to customize your LandCruiser and enjoy the benefits of improved visibility.