80 Series Rear Aerial Bracket - RH

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80 Series Rear Aerial Bracket - RH (drivers side)
Upgrade Your Off-Road Communication with the Adventure Corp RH/Drivers Side Aerial Bracket for 80 Series LandCruiser!

Adventure Corp Aerial Bracket Features:

Tailor-Made Design for Mounting on Tailgate Stops!

The Adventure Corp Aerial Bracket is specifically designed to mount on tailgate stops, providing a secure and convenient location for your aerial. Enjoy a seamless installation process and easy access to reliable communication while embarking on your off-road adventures.

Effortless Integration without Interfering with Tailgate Operation!

Rest assured that this aerial bracket is engineered to ensure it doesn't affect the operation of your tailgate, even with the aerial mounted. You can enjoy full functionality without compromising on communication capabilities or the convenience of your tailgate.

Constructed from Durable 3mm Stainless Steel!

Recognizing the need for durability in rugged terrains, the Adventure Corp Aerial Bracket is crafted from robust 3mm stainless steel. This ensures exceptional strength and longevity, enabling the bracket to withstand the demanding conditions of your outdoor journeys.

Compatible with 16mm Aerials and 80 Series LandCruiser!

Our aerial bracket is perfectly suited for use with 16mm aerials, which are the most commonly available size. Furthermore, it is compatible with the 1990-1998 80 Series LandCruiser, providing a precise fit and seamless integration into your vehicle.

What You'll Receive:

The price includes one (1) RH/Drivers Side Aerial Bracket, allowing you to equip your vehicle with this reliable accessory. Please note that aerials are not included in the package.

Important Note:

Exercise sensible judgment when selecting an aerial for this bracket. The Adventure Corp Aerial Bracket is not intended to support large whip aerials, heavy aerials, or withstand excessive force. It is essential to use common sense and choose an appropriately sized aerial for the mount.

Elevate Your LandCruiser's Communication Capability!

Enhance your off-road communication capabilities with the Adventure Corp RH/Drivers Side Aerial Bracket for 80 Series LandCruiser. Meticulously crafted with precision and durability in mind, this bracket ensures a secure and reliable mounting solution. Take advantage of this high-quality accessory for your off-road expeditions.