79 Series Front Diff Bash Guard

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79 Series Front Diff Bash Guard!
Safeguard the vital components of your 79 Series LandCruiser's front axle with our robust 5mm Thick Front Pumpkin Guard. Designed to shield the front differential ("pumpkin") and other critical elements from impacts, debris, and rough terrain, this guard is an essential accessory for those seeking to protect their vehicle during off-road adventures and demanding tasks.

Key Features:

  1. Durable Protection: Crafted from high-quality, heavy-duty materials, our 79 Series Front Diff Bash Guard is engineered to withstand the rigors of off-road challenges. The 5mm thick construction provides reliable protection to the front axle's differential, steering components, and other vulnerable parts.

  2. Tailored Fit: Designed to precisely fit the contours of the 79 Series LandCruiser's front axle, the guard ensures optimal coverage without interfering with other components. Its customized design allows for easy installation, minimizing the need for modifications.

  3. Impact and Debris Resistance: The strategic positioning of the guard shields the front differential and related components from impacts, rocks, branches, and debris that can be encountered while traversing rough terrains. This added protection helps prevent damage that could lead to expensive repairs.

  4. Enhanced Off-Road Confidence: Off-road enthusiasts can venture into challenging environments with increased confidence, knowing that their LandCruiser's vulnerable front axle components are shielded by a sturdy guard. This protection translates to reduced risks and greater peace of mind during off-road journeys.

  5. Maintained Ground Clearance: The guard is thoughtfully designed to maintain the LandCruiser's ground clearance, ensuring that your vehicle's off-road capabilities remain uncompromised. You can confidently navigate uneven surfaces and obstacles without sacrificing performance.

Upgrade your 79 Series LandCruiser's off-road readiness with our 5mm Thick Front Pumpkin Guard. By providing an additional layer of defense to your front axle's critical components, this guard empowers you to conquer diverse terrains and obstacles with confidence. Whether you're tackling rocky trails, muddy paths, or uncharted routes, this guard ensures your LandCruiser is prepared for whatever lies ahead.

This kit is supplied as labelled pieces and requires welding.