10x M8 Weld on Nutsert/Rivnut Tabs

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10x M8 Weld on Nutsert/Rivnut Tabs (includes Nutserts)

Tabs are 5mm mild steel. Nutserts included, not installed. These tabs are versatile. Useful for various tasks. Great for automotive use also suitable for DIY projects. Durable and reliable. Built to last the test of time.


  • Set includes 10x M8 nutsert tabs and 10x M8 aluminum nutserts
  • Tabs crafted from durable 3mm mild steel
  • Versatile and suitable for various tasks like automotive and DIY projects
  • Easy to install by welding securely onto surfaces
  • Nutserts provided but not pre-installed this allows for customizable usage
  • Compact design fits into tight spaces for convenient application

10x M8 Weld on Nutsert/Rivnut Tabs are easy to install. Weld them on securely. Compatible with M6 nutserts also, Nutserts included but not pre-installed this gives flexibility in use and allows for custom installs.

Each set has 10 tabs. Plenty for many projects. Tabs are compact and fit into tight spaces also are convenient to work with.

Aluminum nutserts are sturdy as Ensure strong connections. Compatible with many bolts. Versatile for different uses.

Whether you're a pro or a DIYer, these tabs are handy. Enhance your projects. Invest in quality parts. Take your work further.

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