Y62 Lower Control Arms - Are Your Rear Arms Up To The Task?

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Y62 Lower Control Arms - Are Your Rear Arms Up To The Task?

Owners of Nissan Patrol Y62 vehicles know just how important the control arms are to the overall performance and safety of their 4x4. Common issues with the Y62 Nissan Patrol is bending the lower arms, Below we go through the options of reinforced or billet lower control arms

Nissan Patrol Lower Arm brace/ Strengthening Kit

One of the common issues is that the OEM control arms are not built to handle the rigors of extreme off-roading, and the harsh conditions that come with it. This can lead to bent or broken arms, which can be dangerous if left unchecked. Luckily, there are ways to strengthen your Nissan Patrol control arms to ensure your vehicle can handle any adventure you throw at it.

Nissan Patrol Lower Arm brace/ Strengthening Kit

Here are some options on how to improve the strength of your Nissan Patrol Y62 control arms:

  1. Upgrade to heavy-duty materials

The first step to strengthening your control arms is to replace them with ones made from heavy-duty materials. Companies like Dash offer upgraded control arms made from alloy, which are more capable of handling the rough terrain and heavy loads. These materials are also more resistant to bending or breaking, ensuring that your vehicle stays safe and stable even when pushing it to its limits. For a pair, expect to pay around $4300.

Y62 Billet strengthened lower arms


  1. Add Adventure Corp Reinforcement Plates

Adding  Adventure Corp reinforcement plates is another popular way to strengthen your control arms. These 3mm thick metal braces are welded onto the control factory arms to provide considerable extra strength and rigidity where it's most needed. They distribute the load and shock more evenly, preventing weak spots from developing and ultimately prolonging the life of your control arms. The kit costs $380. Click here to check them out.


With these tips, you can ensure your Nissan Y62 Patrol's control arms can handle any challenge on and off the road. Investing in uprated and reliable components will not only improve your driving experience but will also offer peace of mind for any potential danger that the undersized OEM parts cannot handle. With upgraded suspension system, you can hit those hard-to-reach destinations or tow heavy with confidence, knowing that your 4x4 is up to the task.

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